BigBooButch 6 – Lesbophobia, AGAIN!

I know that I have talked and blogged about lesbophobia before, but it feels like it’s getting worse, not better! Over the past few months, I have come to the hard realization that there is a LOT of lesbophobia in radical feminist communities & that heterosexual & bisexual women are not Lesbians’ allies.


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  1. FeistyAmazon says:

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    Right on right on Sister!!


  2. FeistyAmazon says:

    I agree with all you’ve said, and figured this out decades ago. Dykes forever, men never!!! Being I gone from one of the Dyje Capitals of the world, SF Bay Area to small town Nebraska, I befriended a bisexual woman living a het life with hubby and kids as a ritual partner, but she turned against my Amazon/ Dianic/ Separatist ways once she began working at Starbucks around other queers. And when I say queer, I MEAN queer. With a cute Butch Dyke boss, to gay men, a couple FTMS and MTFS. She corrected me when I referred to one of the effeminate guys as ” he”.

    I could not accept him as a ” woman” because some days he just wore tshirts and pants, other days more girly, but not at all like the fully transitioned mtfs I knew in the Bay Area who really work hard on appearing, acting and most of living as ” women”. Not just a mood for the day, like this effeminate dude. I knew that would be the death knell of the friendship. We even went to a womens Goddess Festival together at the height of our friendship, and I told her a real wild side of me would come out once I was on womyns land, that she never saw in town, only small glimpses in ritual.

    They can’t handle the Lesbian DykeAmazon wildness. We live as free as womyn can live in Patriarchy unlike tgey do because every day their men and boys suck their Female energy.

    We, as free and especially Separatist Lesbians DO NOT PERMIT THAT. The ONLY straight or bi women who come close are those who embrace their fierce Amazon side, which is exceedingly rare, but they do exist. They have come to my Amazon workshops and brought incredible power and strength to them. But most men work too hard on dominating women, that such strong women are a threat to them and their fragile egos. Either women with strong dominant personalities or who DEMAND, not ask, to be treated as equals. Amazons. Self sufficient women like Tradeswomen Ive known, women martial artists, women not afraid to break ground.

    In these us Lesbians, and especially Butch Lesbians have been pioneers. Over and over again.

    But in my long years of teaching Amazon Mysteries, here’s the crucial difference between Lesbians/ Dykes and Straight/ bi women.

    They see themselves as Amazons alone, in a sea of men, whether the military, the Trades, the Boardroom, the nartial arts, pull up by their bootstraps, a Woman Warrior alone in the world.

    The Lesbians see being Amazon as a Sisterhood, a Sisterhood we crave, we live for, we feel most alive in, that we must return to over and over again to thrive and the erotic glue of our connection to one another. A Sisterhood we KNOW in our bones, our hearts, our souls that has lasted millenia, and we rise over and over again PROVIDED we have our womon only ( wbw) spaces to Gather and share our fierce and loving wisdoms.

    But straight women and women who partner with men have lost that along the way, and ESPECIALLY if they are also raising boys, between their men and boys, as my former pal was, they are sucked dry. They give and give and give codependently as good girls are taught to do, till they come among us innwomens spaces, on womens Land and vampirize us Lesbians because we have that Wildness, that untamedness, that freedom, that PROMISEof freedom, they WANT what we have, but want the economic and social privileges they have with men. But ONLY on womyns Land do they get a glimpse of freedom, and can they receive love and caring, attention and nurturance and be heard in a way they never are amongst males. So they latch onto us and vampirize us, but should we EVER say NO or have boundaries and limits, they then turn on us.

    I have seen it happen over and over again.

    IN DykeAmazon Sisterhood,
    – FeistyAmazon


  3. FeistyAmazon says:

    And you are absolutely right about ” political lesbians” being het women who have given up men for a time. But neirher do they have a true erotic interest in Lesbians. I experienced this dating them in the early 80s. My first two lovers went back to men as almost all the political ” Lesbians” eventually do. They should call themselves Spinsters instead and BE PROUD of that term.

    And you are right on about the mothering thing too. Almost 9 billion on the planet not every woman needs to procreate or go to extraordinary lengths to have a baby. I am completely against surrogacy, and other extraordinary fertility practices only the rich can afford, while poor women are denied abortion and sometimes birth control


  4. Widdershins says:

    2nd incident woman – what the fuck was she sniffing?

    As an original ‘Lavender Menace’ lesbian, I say thank you for your clear analysis of this whole debacle. I’m sorry you were hurt by it, and very proud that you put your wonderful butch lesbian self first.


  5. BigBooButch says:

    Thank you, my sister. 💜

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