The Systematic Erasure of Lesbians

I know that I am not the only Lesbian who is not just sick and tired of our erasure, but so enraged by it, I can barely sit here and write this. Just thinking about all of the ways we are being appropriated AND erased makes me want to fucking scream!

I keep reading in my various Facebook groups about how surprised women are that even though the L in LGBT is first, we are actually considered last and we have to adjust the most to what the GBT want. This isn’t shocking. I mean, gay men (as a class, don’t individualize this) don’t really like lesbians and they tend to run over us and do what they want without considering our thoughts, ideas, or feelings. Just look at a “gay magazine” and you will see that almost all of the people running and participating in that magazine are men. Go to any LGBT event and you will see the same.

Add to that the fact that “queer” no longer belongs to LGB people, it belong to heterosexuals who consider themselves quirky, different, maybe even deviants (a common stereotype for homosexuals). I’ve seen heterosexual couples claim to be non-binary and therefore queer. I’ve seen gender non-conforming men who wear makeup and dresses call themselves queer, instead of the obvious: cross-dressers. I’ve seen women who sometimes kiss their friends in order to make their boyfriends happy and horny call themselves queer. Queer used to be synonymous with homosexual, but after decades of torture and abuse under that term when it was a slur and decades when homosexuals re-claimed the word to take away its power, now the word has been taken away from us as straight people use it to seem cool and edgy. It’s fucking ridiculous.

Also, consider this: out of all of the financial resources obtained by the LGB(T)+ last year, only 2% were used for Lesbians. 2-fucking-%. Lesbians have “taken care of,” marched for, and stood by gay men for decades and this is how they repay our loyalty to the LGB? We have almost zero consideration and representation in gay organizations, publications, medical centers, etc. If gay men are not the ones that are taking over homosexual organizations, then you can bet that heterosexual men who call themselves women and therefore Lesbians are.

The onslaught of TIMs (trans identified males or trans “women”) telling us Lesbians that if we do not sleep with them and their penises (which almost all of them retain by the way, there aren’t a ton of surgeries going on out there), then that means we are bigots or transphobic or the slur, “TERF” (this is known as the “cotton ceiling”). It isn’t enough that these men continue to appropriate our language, our culture, and our lives. No, they are erasing Lesbians by calling themselves and their (bisexual or heterosexual female) girlfriends and wives Lesbians. These are heterosexual men, claiming to not only be women, but also Lesbians. They take up Lesbian spaces and use Lesbian resources. I was invited to a dance this past weekend and I couldn’t attend because of a snow storm that hit central Illinois. Not only was there a TIM in attendance, he was actually filming the whole room with his phone camera (probably in order to try to doxx the women – the Lesbians – there).

See, that’s the transgender stuff the mainstream doesn’t get to see. Most people in the mainstream don’t even know what the “cotton ceiling” is. They also have no idea how few TIMs actually have the surgeries for their penises to be inverted and turned into something that Frankenstein might call a vagina. Not that the surgeries could actually make a man into a woman, but in the PC world of liberal feminism, even if they do not have the surgeries, they are still considered (not seen as, considered) women, because feels, and can therefore call themselves Lesbians.

I’ve written about this before in Another Sister Lost to the Madness, but it breaks my heart how many young butch Lesbians we are losing to the trans cult as adult male transgenders (TIMs) talk our young sisters into believing that they are men because they appear masculine or they like to rebuild cars or they are not nurturing and do not want to have kids. Whatever the reason these men are talking young lesbians into transitioning and believing themselves to be men. Many are de-transitioning, but too many of them are buying what the TIMs are selling.

This are also, of course, older Lesbians who mistakenly think they are men and transition later in life. A lot of these butches are deluded into thinking they are men by heterosexual women posing as femme Lesbians who do not want to date men. Well, they do not wish to date Lesbians either, but if their girlfriend is called a boyfriend and if that boyfriend thinks and behaves as a male sexually, then those “femme Lesbians” get the best of both worlds without having to actually be Lesbians; because once they partner with a TIF – trans identified female or trans “man,” they can call themselves straight again, like magic.

See, transgenders like to build themselves as being non gender-conforming or non-binary. They claim to be bucking gender and all of the sexist stereotypes that it comprises. The opposite is the truth here. Transgenders adhere very strictly to the sexist stereotypes that make up gender. They believe strongly that if a boy likes pink, Barbie dolls, and dresses, then he must be a girl; and that if a girl likes blue, trucks, and “boy” haircuts and clothes, then they must be a boy. Somehow, over the course of a couple of decades (since the free flowing 70s), this society has become entrenched in rigid, sexist norms for girls/women and boys/men. If anyone deviates from those rigid norms, then they are considered to be the opposite sex.

This is especially true if one believes that one or one’s child is a homosexual. Transitioning is the new gay conversion therapy. Parents would much rather have a child pretending to be the opposite sex than a homosexual child. Hell, even in some countries, it is illegal to be gay but perfectly legal to be transgender. It doesn’t even seem to bother these parents that they are pumping their kids full of poisons, in the form of puberty blockers, and later hormones of the opposite sex. As long as their kid isn’t gay….

These are just two facets that comprise the erasure of Lesbians, not just in the US, but worldwide. Don’t forget about heterosexual women and men. I touched a little on how heterosexuals have appropriated Lesbian and gay culture and how they have erased us from the new meaning of the word queer. But they erase us in other ways as well. Take heterosexual (I include bisexual women here as well) women, for instance. Heterosexual women, even – or especially – in radical feminist groups on Facebook, are notorious for not just being bad allies, but down right hating Lesbians and wanting nothing to do with us.

It happens a lot on Facebook, this Lesbophobia from heterosexual women, even radical feminists. It’s especially bothersome to be coming from radical feminists because we are all supposed to be sisters fighting together for the liberation of all women, but Lesbians are so underrepresented in that arena as well. Even though Lesbians have played integral parts, throughout history, in helping women to move forward in a world that would hold us back, we are still considered by most heterosexual women to be the man-hating Lavender Menace. We are threatening to heterosexual women because we don’t need men in or out of the bedroom. A lot of Lesbians, me included, are even separatists. Even in societies where that is near impossible, Lesbians try to carve out space just for women and Lesbians and do their best to avoid contact with men. This, too, is somehow threatening to heterosexual women, as they accuse us of hating and excluding their Nigels and Nigel Jrs. from events that should be female only. We are accused of hating the “nice guys,” the ones who are feminist allies, even though that is so rare, it is laughable to even suggest it. It is these lesbophobic women who try to erase Lesbians from radical feminism, for it is these women who are still centering men.

Speaking of men: of course heterosexual men want to fuck feminine looking Lesbians and beat, rape, &/or kill gender non-conforming or butch Lesbians, like me. Those men that don’t call themselves women and Lesbians, that is, they are a different threat. But it is not just butch Lesbians that heterosexual men was to suffer and die. So many Lesbians each year are dying by the hands of men, some of these men are even family members. Male violence against Lesbians is a real and horrific thing. They want to erase us for one simple reason: we do not need or want them in our lives.

Lesbian erasure is ramping up all over the world. Lesbians everywhere are in real physical danger from men, they are not always supported by heterosexual women, they are talked into thinking they are men, their lives and culture are appropriated, and they are forced into having sex with men claiming to be women and Lesbians. Something drastic needs to happen to stop all of this.

Lesbians like me are trying to make ourselves more visible to Lesbians who think that transitioning is what they are supposed to do. Showing them that there are many types of women and that all of us *are* women, no matter what we do or what we wear. That we can accept our bodies and live happy, healthy lives. We are also making ourselves know in radical feminist circles, trying to show our straight sisters that while we don’t need or want men around us, we are still right there, side-by-side, fighting with and for them. We are trying to make atrocities against Lesbians more visible, since the mainstream and even LGB press do not care to cover our murders. We are especially trying to talk more about Lesbian erasure so that more Lesbians can hear us and come forward to help, not just to stop the erasure of us, but to reverse it and bring Lesbians to the forefront. Showing society that it doesn’t need to fear us, that it can and should, once and for all, embrace and celebrate Lesbians everywhere.


8 comments on “The Systematic Erasure of Lesbians

  1. Dmh says:

    I believe the number of lesbians, especially among young women, is growing, and the increasing presence of feminism and feminist ideas in our society recently is helping this growth. I don’t see our community as being erased, at least not among women.
    I also don’t believe that what men think or do is very important for us. They belong to the world of the past, we are the future.

    I see many young women live their lives independently of any greater attachment to the LGB movement, except for the pride parades. They only want to live their lives as happily as possible with their girlfriends/wives without too much attachment to politics.
    For example, Sarah Warn (ex-chief editor of After Ellen) and her wife Lori, the girls of the “One More Lesbian” YT-channel, Haley Kiyoko and Zolita (famous musicians), etc. None of them is very strongly involved in any political LGB movement, in my opinion, but they have so many followers and identify as lesbians as do great part of their followers who see them as their role models.
    Usually they tend to express themselves more with respect to feminism than LGB issues, except for the particularities of their personal relationships with their gfs / wives that they share in social media with their followers.

    I believe that this behavior of the younger lesbians is related with the fact that the definition of strong political movements is itself a more masculine thing. It’s more related to the struggles of feminism than LGB issues.
    I also believe that the importance of trans-activism is a little exaggerated because their activists are very vocal and their ideas are eccentric and tend to call attention and generate polemic.
    But I think this is a phase, related with the strengthening of postmodern ideas since the 1980’s.
    The fact is, they cannot change reality – the reality of sex (which is biologically defined) and, therefore, the oppression of women and the homosexual orientation, which are both based on biology.
    Women who are in relationship with TIM’s are heterosexual, not even bi.

    The old stereotypical heterosexuality is falling apart, because it’s just an aspect the patriarchal society, and it’s being seriously questioned in our time.
    I believe the growing number of lesbians everywhere is one important aspect of the dissolution of patriarchy that is happening now.

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  2. Dmh says:

    Here is a great article by a psychiatrist, Paul McHugh, about the mental problem that transgenderism is ( similar, according to him, to the mental issues of “anorexia nervosa and body dysmorphic disorder” )

    We cannot be concerned about trans-people more than they are concerned about our true lesbian issues.

    And here is the site of the Australian feminist Renee Gerlich, who I discovered was a lesbian after following her for some time,

    She’s is also an example of the behavior I described in my previous comment, although she’s is not very famous (yet).


  3. BigBooButch says:

    I completely disagree. I am seeing laws being passed so that men can invade our spaces.
    I am seeing loads of young (and older) Lesbians transitioning. Sure a good number of them are detransitioning now, but not enough of them.

    And I can’t believe that I have to even say this, but a woman cannot “identify” as a Lesbian.
    She either is one or she isn’t. If she is a Lesbian, that means that she (a) is female, (b) desires to have close, intimate, romantic, and sexual love relationships with other women, and (c) actually has those close, intimate, romantic, and sexual love relationships with women.

    Straight women cannot “identify” as Lesbians simply because they don’t want to date men any longer.
    Bisexuals cannot “identify” as Lesbians just because they are in a relationship with a woman.

    Finally, the political movement is needed!! If these Lesbians just want to romp around and be Lesbians with no real commitment to our causes, then fuck ’em!
    We need women centered women working together toward the liberation of all women from the male supremacy. Period.


  4. Dmh says:

    @BigBooButch I essentially agree with the political problems that you mention, but I think they are a *general problem* not only related with issues of our community. It’s due to infiltration of postmodern ideas in politics in the last few decades and I think it will continue for some time because there is a strong lobby behind it.
    In this case, I agree that we need to fight these forces as strongly as they are harming our visibility and spaces. But I also think that the presence of postmodern ideas in society is just a phase.
    They are already facing strong opposition in many fronts, because their concepts are unnatural and non scientific.

    The assumption that people can “identify” as something that they are not is postmodern and it’s non acceptable if you think in terms of the existence of an objective reality. “Identity” is a subjective concept.
    These types of thoughts can not last for much longer, at least not with the strength they have now, they’re just a phase of modern politics.

    On the other hand, I don’t think that these political problems define our situation in society as being “erased” because, as I said, I see the number of lesbians – true lesbians, not bi or deluded straight women – especially young, growing and feminism helping this growth.
    Feminism is more than a political movement, it is a powerful social phenomenon to redefine society.

    I see what is happening now as similar to the 1960’s, but it’s also a step ahead because feminism in our time is becoming more far reaching and organized, more mature and radical than before.


  5. BigBooButch says:

    On the other hand, I don’t think that these political problems define our situation in society as being “erased” because, as I said, I see the number of lesbians – true lesbians, not bi or deluded straight women – especially young, growing and feminism helping this growth.

    This is anecdotal and I can use the same thinking to say the opposite, because I see more and more lesbians fighting with transgenders against other lesbians, calling us TERFs, etc.

    I agree that this is just a phase, but it is harming women NOW and it is taking away women’s rights NOW and they are invading our spaces NOW. I am not one to sit back and think, well this is bound to end. I want to work toward ending it NOW.


  6. aljoscha70 says:

    I really like your work and your vids on youtube were giving me so many good arguments against the trans-madness, so I’m totally shocked to read that you throw bisexuals in with lesbophobic heterosexuals. I call myself bi because my daughters are living proof that I have been in heterosexual relationships, but I’m done with men and now dare to openly say that I prefer to be with women in all aspects of life, More than once I have been rejected, even for a friendship, by lesbians, claiming bi women would only leave them for men or were a health risk. When I was in my teens I read everything I could get about feminism and when I found out I didn’t have to be with men to have a relationship, I tried to reach out. I found some older lesbians who were living in the closet, pretending to be het and widowed. That was it. Another attempt when I was already a mother ended with the above, with lesbians being watchful and dismissive. When I found what I thought at the time was a decent man, I decided that I would be satisfied with being a feminist, but I soon found out that it isn’t possible. Now I’m a radical feminist, watching how TIM and their allies are taking over women’s and lesbian’s rooms, fighting it if I can, and I’m still considered not good enough? Thanks a lot.


  7. BigBooButch says:

    You are individualizing this, which is not how radfems operate. Radfems argue via class analysis. So when I say bisexual & het women, I am clearly not talking about ALL bisexual and het women, I am talking about the class of bisexual women and the class of het women. If you want to take that personally, that’s not on me, it’s on you, but it isn’t how we radfems respond to such arguments.


  8. Let me qualify this by stating that these are my views, feelings and opinions. I don’t expect anybody to agree with me. For those who disagree with me, please extend to me a modicum of respect and at least try to abstain from verbal attacks. I do not endeavor to change anybody’s mind. My thoughts are my own. They are based on my personal experience, observations and research.

    I see the systematic sterilization of lesbians and gay men, and it greatly disturbs me. To me, being “woke” or “trans-friendly” has become synonymous with a most twisted form of homophobia and misogyny. Little girls are not allowed to be tomboys without facing the consequence of being promptly ushered by their parents to a gender clinic for “evaluation.” Effeminate little boys face a similar fate.

    I am dumbfounded by the revelation that the gay community, as a whole, has embraced this 21st century version of Nazi eugenics. I just can’t wrap my head around it. The hypocrisies astound.

    Gay rights advocates of previous decades risked their their freedom, their socio-economic standing, and sometimes their lives to ensure that their successors wouldn’t have to. And yet, here we are in a world where the self-proclaimed tolerant, support the most intolerable of all… a society devoid of butch women and fem men. A society in which young lesbians are so ashamed of their sexuality that they not only consider, but are encouraged to live life as if they were somebody else.

    There was a time when the gay community focused on equal rights and equality in choice. The right to love and live with their chosen partner, work in their chosen field, live in the neighborhoods of their choice, and perhaps one day have children and raise a family. Sadly, the focus has shifted to blocking puberty, double mastectomies, total hysterectomies, penectomies, orchiectomy/castration, and chemical hormonal alteration. I don’t see how this is much different than the forced-sterilization of “undesirables” undertaken in Nazi Germany, with the exception that now, the medical community and the powers that be have discovered a way to convince said “undesirables” to submit a formal request to be sterilized. It’s sad and twisted and nobody is allowed to question it lest they be labeled a transphobe or homophobe. Labels be damned.


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