White Male Privilege

The note at the VA dental front desk says, “Please check in at the kiosk. Thank you.”

Naturally, I check in at the kiosk. Because of my conditioning and socialization, I don’t presume to think that I deserve special treatment. Old white male goes to the front desk to check in and the woman checks him in.

The privilege isn’t just that she didn’t tell him to use the kiosk, as they have done me in the past, the privilege is also the fact that he walked past the kiosk, ignored the sign, and went to the front desk *expecting* the women to check him in for his appointment.

Privilege isn’t just about “getting stuff,” it’s also walking through this world expecting stuff – expecting to be first, expecting that the rules don’t apply to you, expecting people to wait on you and for you. Expecting to be deferred to, and of course, expecting to be allowed and accepted everywhere, invited or not.

I see it a lot on the road too – white males (deliberately) pull out in front of me, expecting me to slow down for them, turning on their turn signal and thinking they have the right of way, etc.

They don’t just *think* they deserve more, they believe it and walk through life expecting it to be handed to them.

Unfortunately, the rest of us are completely conditioned and socialized to give them what they want and not fight it – even getting mad at the few who *do* fight it.

Like when I brought this up to the dental assistant, she gave the excuse that they just refuse to use the computer (to be clear, it’s a touch screen monitor – you stick your VA ID in it, then answer a few Qs, the end). I said, “it’s probably white males doing that, huh?” She blinked and said, “well, yeah, I see your point.” I told her I saw hers as well, because like I said, we are conditioned to give them what they want.

What I failed to point out because I just now thought of it is that they have to use the kiosks in the pharmacy and lab. If they “don’t know how” or “don’t want to,” they have to have someone help them because those two places require us ALL to check in via the kiosk. So crying about it in dental or another clinic is just them imposing their will onto a woman and expecting her to do the work for him by checking him in instead of being firm and insisting he use the kiosk like everyone else.

What’s the big deal? They are taking these women from their other duties: answering the phones, checking patients out, setting up return appointments, and the list goes on. They have to stop doing all of that to cater to these men; and the men expect it.

Imagine how hard these men would fight to keep things like this. That’s why male gamers attack female gamers and developers both on and offline. It’s why male transgenders (TIMs) are so violent towards women, again, both on and offline, who refuse to share in their delusions; and TIMs and their handmaidens are laughably ok with being violent towards women, calling their violence “self-defense.” It’s why the man who caused my accident became angry and fought his illegal lane change citation. White men expect the rest of us to cater to their wants and needs, no questions asked.

They won’t give up their power without a fight; and the women who can’t see past their own conditioning will always help men fight to stay in control.

That’s why radical feminists are so hated: we fight against our conditioning and internalized misogyny and we fight for women’s liberation from male supremacy. Women’s liberation from men.


5 comments on “White Male Privilege

  1. Widdershins says:

    And we fight, and we fight, and we fight, and we will not be stopped. 🙂

  2. lovetruthcourage says:

    Exactly! “Women’s liberation from men” not faux “equality” centered on men as the default humans.

  3. silentepidemiccom says:

    This is a really interesting article thank you for sharing. I agree with everything you are saying but can I ask you what you think has caused white males to feel privileged? Do you think that it is the way they were raised or the is it the way that society treates them? In other words is it a debate between nature vs neture? I think that this is another interesting aspect of why these men feel the way they do, to clarify I am not saying that it isn’t their fault I am just curious on your thoughts tno why they are this way.

  4. BigBooButch says:

    I think it probably started because men were so much larger than women, they just took charge. Survival of the fittest and all that jazz. I am torn between whether it is nature or nurture at this point. I mean, it is definitely nurture because boys are treated better than girls from birth. They are taught to be aggressive, to take charge, not share emotions, and they get what they want. So they are socialized to believe that everything they want is everything they can have – they can take. The part I am struggling with is whether or not men are naturally violent. 95% of all violent crime convictions are males. 98.1% of all rapes of females and 93% of all rapes of males are committed by males. There have been studies that show that if they could get away with it, college aged men would rape women. Not only that, but most of them don’t consider raping an unconscious woman to be rape!

    So are they born that violent or is society, their parents, teachers, etc., teaching them to become violent rapists, murderers, serial killers etc.?

    Porn and prostitution go a LONG way in teaching men that women are worthless, subhuman, and they want to be raped. Men see violent rape fantasies played out in porn and they view prostitutes as subhumans to whom they can do anything they wish. These things help to teach them to be violent towards women. Ted Bundy was interviewed the night before his execution in the 80s. He talked long and hard about the dangers of porn – and porn is even more violent now! The gist of what he said that night was: if you want to do away with men like me, get rid of porn.

    Studies show that TIMs or trans identified males, men who call themselves women have the same propensity for violence as males who are not trans; and these males claim that they were socialized as girls, but they still have male privilege. You can see it in their violent actions, the way they talk over and above females, their demand to be let into ALL female spaces, their propensity for violence, etc. Hormones and surgery do not change the bone and muscle structure of these males and it doesn’t make them sweet little bunnies either.

    So nature vs. nurture would be a good debate. Thanks for your comment!

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