Vlog Post 4: Lesbian Erasure

Good afternoon, sisters! This is my 4th vlog post at youtube.

Here I talk about Lesbian Erasure.

Oh & you get to meet my 4th dog: Sallybear, my other Taiwan Mountain dog. I changed her name from Ming Li, which is what the Animal Rescue Team Taiwan (ARTT) named her when they rescued her. I think Sally suits her better. 😉

If you like my videos, would you mind voting them up at youtube? I am getting down votes & have no trouble imagining transgenders & other members of their cult voting my videos down, en masse! :o/

I hope you like this one! Let me hear from you, sisters!

9 comments on “Vlog Post 4: Lesbian Erasure

  1. Widdershins says:

    I know what you mean about Pink news! … although there are still some voices of sanity in the comments.

    Losing the ‘L’ from the alphabet soup – Wholeheartedly agree. There was only a brief time (our Camelot) when we truly included in the ‘brotherhood’, and even then it was conditional on not making too many waves. We could have small waves and little demands, but all-in-all lesbians were a sideline for the movement. (even though we’ve been on the front lines of every major victory for women since before the Pankhursts!)

    So, this battle isn’t any different, in fact it’s the same battle we’ve had since the inception of patriarchy.

    I hear your voice almost breaking when you talk about the women both young and old who are being taken from us. (unfortunately, and to a lesser degree, before the rise of social media, this was always the case. Women going ‘straight’ as a matter of survival, however they determined that to be) … and to answer your question about how we change this, we organize. Ourselves, our culture, our underground.

    Remember going to your first explicitly lesbian dance? (Sure there were a couple of straight women, and maybe even a male, but they were largely ignored or politely asked to leave) Remember how they were organized? Someone had an idea, scraped together the money to hire a room and got their muso friends to play for a percentage of the door.
    I’m not necessarily saying we do this, but it worked because it was a small scale grassroots revolution. Friends told friends, trusted allies were kept in the loop. The message got out. Eventually enough lesbians came together and we had bookshops, and health clinics, and a political voice.

    In the age of the interwebz it’s easy to think too big. That we have to have all the toys the ‘others’ have. To think the issue is overwhelming, the answer too unobtainable. We’re bombarded with images and stories about … let’s call it ‘compulsory intersectionality’ … and anything else, any dissenting voice, gets submerged underneath a tsunami of vitriol.

    So, we step away from all that and recreate the visible lesbian on our scale, on our terms, the butch lesbian who is not a steppingstone to somewhere else, to something else. We create her as you and other lesbians are, with these video’s. (simply by this act alone visibility is created for those who wish to see) In private gatherings, online and off. To connect with each other, in whatever way we can.

    And the sad truth is, we aren’t going to reach every lesbian, and show them that, to quote ‘Ode to a Gym Teacher’… ‘being female meant you still could be strong’. (what a wonderful anthem that was!!!) We never could, but we’ll reach as many of them as we damn well can.

    We’re rebuilding a movement, a culture, a revolution.

    It’s happening.

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  2. BigBooButch says:

    Thanks for your comment, sister!

    I wish I had the money & know-how to have another MichFest, just on a smaller scales, like the OLF. Maybe I *am* thinking too big. I mean, I know a few radfems here & we get together to chat & just be, w/our guards down & that’s cool…

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  3. That was beautiful, Widdershins! ❤

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  4. Thanks Big Boo. For some reason my favorite part was when you talked about going braless. 😅

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  5. tnt666 says:

    How this is not unanimity among lesbians is just beyond me! I’m bi and I fully agree.

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  6. BigBooButch says:

    Thanks sister!


  7. Widdershins says:

    Thank you PSF 🙂 … it’s easy to forget how much we are doing.


  8. atryingthing says:

    I agree that the Ls should leave.


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