Vlog Post 3: Here, I Talk About Intersectional Feminism, etc.

Good afternoon, sisters! This is my 3rd vlog post at youtube.

Here, I talk about intersectional feminism, non-binary/GNC v. sexual stereotypes, male violence, male transgenders harming women, biology isn’t a social construct, & my wish for a gender-free world.

Oh, & you get to meet 3 of my 4 dogs. Min Pin is short for Miniature Pinschers – they are 4yo & I adopted them from the Humane Society October 2016, when their owner gave them up. The Taiwan Mountain dogs are also known as FMDs. I fostered about a dozen dogs from Taiwan when I lived in Seattle – I foster-failed w/these 2, adopting them 4 & 7 years ago. 😊

If you like my videos, would you mind voting them up at youtube? I am getting down votes & have no trouble imagining transgenders & other members of their cult voting my videos down, en masse! :o/

I hope you like this one! Let me hear from you, sisters!



8 comments on “Vlog Post 3: Here, I Talk About Intersectional Feminism, etc.

  1. Casey is so cute!!!!! 🐶❤❤❤

  2. BigBooButch says:

    Those little Min Pins are so precious!

  3. MainelyButch says:

    Awesome dogs. I don’t agree with you on most of this, but I am glad you put out your opinion and thoughts here. Interesting video.

  4. Widdershins says:

    Have you been caught in the whole YouTube blocking fiasco?
    Thanks for bringing the trans extremists down to a human (squishable) size. They shout so loud it’s easy to forget how small they really are.

  5. BigBooButch says:

    Tiny men w/tiny minds!

  6. Jayne Wattie says:

    Great vid Thank you. Your dogs are gorgeous! As a gender non conforming woman it really pisses me off when these guys say ” Oh you’re just pissed off because I’m a better/more of a woman than you!” They are obsessed with pornified femininity and literal one upmanship on women.

  7. BigBooButch says:

    Yep, their definition of woman comes from porn. Sick bastards.

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