Trans “Women” Hope Butches Become a Thing of the Past

Astonishingly, and I say that sarcastically, since this does not surprise me in the least, trans women actually hate women. It isn’t just about men controlling women, this is flat-out misogyny at work here.

It’s no secret that trans women, being men, believe they not only have the right to use the words woman and lesbian to describe themselves and they not only have the right to women’s spaces, these men also believe they have the absolute right to women’s bodies. This is what the cotton ceiling is all about: men demanding that women who don’t want to have sex with them, have sex with them anyway or be accused of being bigots for not having open enough minds to see these men as women.

Let’s be clear, shaming, guilting, or tricking a woman into having sex with you is rape. Period. Full stop. Women, lesbians, have the right to refuse to have sex with anyone they choose for whatever reason they choose. Why? These are our bodies.

So is it really surprising that these same trans women, who are straight men and sexual deviants, do not support or even care about butch lesbian women and actually want to see us disappear altogether?

I am used to it, of course. Men have always LOVED the idea of lesbians, but only in that they are picturing thin, feminine lesbians who eventually just really want to be with men and don’t really want women at all. The thought of butch lesbians repulses men because, as some ignorant people believe, they think we just want to be men. They also do not find us attractive because we appear masculine. So, of course, those women they find the least attractive should be destroyed, especially those of us who threaten their very existence: we don’t need or want men and women want us.

Taking the ignorance of these men a step further, it isn’t really a shocking revelation to see that since they believe all butches want to be men, then surely we are on our way to becoming men just by being butches and we will eventually all transition, making butch lesbians obsolete and, as I said the other day, extinct.




So much for the LGBT community, huh? That’s transactivist, David “Dana Lane” Taylor, by the way, under one of his many troll accounts expressing his belief that the way for the “terf menace” (another slur created and propagated by trans women to describe radical feminists and, especially, lesbians) to be gone once and for all is to get rid of butch lesbians; and the way to do that is to have us all transition into “men.”

What these men really want is for all of us butches to just hurry up and transition already so we can be trans men and support these misogynistic sexual deviants in their clear cut efforts to own and possess women.

What these men fail to realize however, is that women who transition into “men” are not butch lesbians who want to be men. There are butches who transition, yes, but almost every instance of that is due to the kind of societal pressure these men are expressing; the whole idea that if we look, act, dress, and talk “like men” then we should just BE men. This stems from the belief that there can only be two ways of being woman/female or man/male; and there is never any kind of overlap or in between.

Little girls, who would have at one time been considered tomboys and been allowed to become whatever kind of woman they wanted to be are now being forced into a trans lifestyle by their parents under the guise of “understanding and support.” Young butch women who are happy being butch are pressured into transitioning by a society that includes lesbians telling them that they should just be men and get it over with already. Young women who are straight but hate their lives as women transition as a way to escape the patriarchy into which they have been born as second class citizens. Those are just some of the reasons why women transition into “men,” but make no mistake, they are not transitioning because they are “men trapped in women’s bodies,” they are transitioning because the binary system tells them they should.

This is why the very idea that the binary system could be a lie, a social construct designed by men, is what scares these men to death. The idea that women can be who they are and not want to be men, not want to transition, is unfathomable to these men. Add that to the idea that there are women out there who honestly do not need or want to be with men, dress or not, and you have a full scale panic on your hands that creates rapist thinking like the cotton ceiling and lesbophobic thinking like the above sentiments Mr. Taylor put forth.

And let’s be honest, the above sentiments are lesbophobic and homophobic. To put forth the idea, the hope that eventually all butch women will transition and thank god, so we don’t have to look at or deal with them any longer is unbelievably homophobic and lesbophobic in that it expresses the desire to exterminate all butch lesbians.

At what point, do you think, will lesbians and women stand up to these men and say, “No more!”? There is going to come a time when lesbians and women realize that these men are just your average everyday men who want to own, possess, and eventually do away with women. The fact that they are using the trans lifestyle to promote their misogynistic and homophobic views should wake women up and make them realize they are fighting for the extinction of their own sisters.

So what are you, dear reader going to do about it? What are you doing to ensure that these men will no longer get to dictate with whom you will have sex or which women are ok and which women need to be exterminated?


25 comments on “Trans “Women” Hope Butches Become a Thing of the Past

  1. Pegasus says:

    Reblogged this on You think I just don't understand, but I don't believe you. and commented:
    It’s time for people to stand up for WOMEN.


  2. Assuming one transsexual speaks for all is like saying one of any other category of human being speaks for them all. Stereotyping offensive and inaccurate to the vast majority.


  3. Reblogged this on I'M NOT "TRANSGENDER" ANY MORE and commented:
    Trans “woman” David Taylor is fucking psychotic, and yet he reflects the mainstream views of autogynephiliac transgender activism. This disgusting movement, the core elements of which are based literally on men’s delusional masturbation fantasies, believes that men can actually be women, through medical manipulations or even just by saying so; they believe that they can even be lesbians; that lesbians who reject their offers of rape are evil bigots; and that butch lesbians (who don’t match their Penthouse Magazine fantasy of femme-sexy lesbian) should get out of their damn line of sight and just become “men.” Then, to keep this problem of butches from popping up again later, little girls who don’t conform to stereotypic “femininity” should rapidly be diagnosed and steered into a solid pathway of transgender psychological abuse, medical experimentation and eventual surgical mutilation. The psychiatric industry (which co-created the Frankenstein’s monster of male-to-constructed-“females” in the first place) has collaborated with autogynephiliac fantasists to “legitimize” and validate this kind of insanity. “GENDER IDENTITY” KILLS WOMEN. MISOGYNY IS NOT JUST A WORD IN A BOOK. IT IS INTEGRAL TO THE NOTION OF “GENDER IDENTITY.”


  4. BigBooButch says:

    If only it were really just this one man saying these things, co-opting our spaces and words, and trying to force lesbians into having sex with men who call themselves women by shaming us and calling us bigots for not wanting dick. Nice try, but since it IS a vast majority of you, your argument is invalid.


  5. mieprowan says:

    When confronted with a group of men that is spearheaded by those who clearly hate us, who insist they are women but at times threaten to rape us with their penises if we disagree, and whose agendas include erasing protections for women, so they can get at us more effectively, and trashing women who fight to be their own persons, we are called bigots for being nonsupportive. These people are terrorists, not activists.


  6. Agreed, we are all more complex and varied than our stereotypical group’s image. On the other hand, from my own life experience I’ve learned that to say that “many” (leading towards “most”) MtF transexuals are NOT misogynist is a lot like saying “many” white folks are not ignorant about African American – Black – folks. It just ain’t so, friend. I have seen it in many MtF peoples’ eyes…as though they just wish I and ALL WOMEN would just die…and I don’t know if this energy toward me was metaphorical…actually, it felt quite literal. I have felt this same energy from people in a radical racist biker group, as well as folks from other racist groups. It is the energy of absolute contempt, with a very sharp edge of superiority, soaked in a strong brew of “go back to Africa where you came from, Bitch”. I credit my ability to sense others’ energies for the reason I’ve been able to stay out of some bad situations and for the reason I’m still alive on this plane today. I have had many gay male friends and brothers…marched arm-in-arm at the 2nd, 3rd, & 4th Gay Pride marches in NYC in the 70’s (We’re here/we’re queer/ we’re FABULOUS – GET USED TO IT) and am familiar with the Queenly superiority and have indulged with humor, some of my gay brothers’ requirement to have attentive courtiers. The above MtF tranny energy I mentioned above is quite different and quite hostile. I have loved my gay brothers. I have had to bury more than I care to count right now. It is my hope that the Tranny community can get it’s shit together and stop ripping and tearing at their sisters. Your Sisters are Lesbians, both Butch and Fem – daughters of the Ancient line of The Goddess. Unless of course, you align yourselves solely with straight women….? Tell your Trans friends, it is important that we treat each other with respect. We lesbians can be your friends and we can be good allies. And we don’t need you…we will always be here throughout time – Daughters of the Moon of the Ancient Line of the Goddess…while your fragile line is depended upon doctors…those who step with disrespect, we release you to the results of your own actions…as the Goddess wills it…so mote it be…Ashe…Aho…and so it is.


  7. Post-script:
    As Daughters of the Moon – Warrior Amazons of the Ancient Line of the Goddess, it is perhaps useful and practical to recognize that inside each of us Lesbians, both Butch and Fem, there is a Warrior Womyn Amazon. In all our walks of life, we may be centered and strong in our jobs, travels, caring for our families, and even walking along the street. Let us be conscious and aware and if we see a sister in struggle we can stand close in silent support, present in case help is needed.


  8. Post-post-script:
    WAIT a secpnd!!!! How can it be that MtF Tranny folks don’t like Beautiful Butches!!???????
    Shouldn’t MtF trannys hate Fems – straight or gay – because they are the MtF tranny’s competition??????? Unless MtF folks think that Butches are just not that into them? Hmmm…Oh Goddess…I’m so confused…;-)


  9. BigBooButch says:

    Men have hated butch lesbians for as long as there have been men and butch lesbians. Calling themselves women doesn’t change the fact that they are still men with the same thoughts, feelings, and hatred.


  10. “There are butches who transition, yes, but almost every instance of that is due to the kind of societal pressure these men are expressing; the whole idea that if we look, act, dress, and talk “like men” then we should just BE men.”

    You know what is amazing? The T-party of the community takes so much pride in their ability to analyse gender, to be wholly up to date with the latest academical theory and incredibly fickly with the right wording and nuance of their theories.

    And then the best they can do with their oh-so incredible in-depth analysing abilities is the hateful old hetero trope of “Lesbians wanna be men for real!”??

    I’m worried sick for the young girls today, and yet I feel trust in the strength of Butches.


  11. Thank you for writing about this. Every time I read your blog, I love it more and more! Dana Taylor used to be a friend of mine on facebook and after I de-transitioned, he REALLY hates my guts. Same with Coletta Hughes and Qaiel Peltier. These are all MEN who do not give a damn about women, much less lesbians, much less Butch lesbians. Your post was VERY much needed at this crucial time where we are seeing elevated misogyny and lesbophobia from MtT “activists.”


  12. BigBooButch says:

    You know, while the misogyny and violence from the males isn’t shocking, what bothers me more is all of the women who call themselves feminists, but follow these men around like sheep. Truthfully, there has historically been a lot of homophobia (towards lesbians) in each of the feminist movements, but to see these women literally zombie-like in their fixation on males is beyond disheartening.

    My main focus, of course, is reaching the younger lesbians before they make a huge mistake so that they can see that we can be women who are different and that being different is really ok; but it would be nice to open a few eyes over there in the “feminist” camp that focuses solely on men and their issues.


  13. dyksfunctional says:

    It took me a few days to reply..
    I’m annoyed that even I have do it.

    ***im no one… seriously someone more important will say something?? more brilliant?

    Male2tg is about controlling women. Deny that a penis is EVEN male?? What is MORE is expected of us as women?? How much MORE do we have to subjugate ourselves??

    WE are good woman.
    And we can say no.


  14. BigBooButch says:

    The sad part is how many people don’t see it. Men are so filled with their own male privilege and straight women care so much about men only that when they hear lesbians speak about this, they deny any of it to be true. These are our lived experiences. This is happening.


  15. Amy Avalon says:

    I am MTF. I do admit to being jealous of women who where allowed to express femininity fully in mind and body. The ultimate would be to hold the desire of my butch suitor. I only date butch women no exception. The occasional online communications from feminine women who are interested in me are quickly terminated.


  16. jdmarsh89 says:

    Thanks. Butch lesbians do not conform to the trans-friendly idea of the “lady brain” and “dude brain”. That a person who identifies as a woman but does not also wear makeup and act in a stereotypically feminine way does not jive with their fragile, male, gender dichotomy-reenforcing sensibilities and while I do indeed see “cis” straight women harassed by trans “women” (online and in person, mostly online), butch lesbian feminists seem to have received the unique honor official scapegoat status because they are “bigots” for not wanting to fuck “lesbian” (heterosexual fetishist) men. The fact that the idea of “cis priviledge” is not widely regarded to be as fully absurd as “black privilege” really brings home to me how low in the social heirarchy women truly are, regardless of sexual orientation, that it is now not PC for women, a marginalized caste, to call a spade a spade, or a penis a penis. Biological reality IS real. If hating one’s body and feeling inconvenienced by it makes a person transgender, then by that logic, most women are FTM transgender. Feeling confined by stuffy gender expectations makes NGC children feel as though it’s their bodies that are wrong, when in fact it is rigid expectations that are the true problem. The idea of a doctor telling the parents of a beautiful, healthy, vibrant little child that the child’s perfect body is “wrong” and that it can be “fixed” is the most damaging rhetoric ever imagined in any century. There is nothing wrong with that child’s body; There is something wrong with the parents for making the child feel that the only way out of the rigid confines of their gender is to pantomime the gender of the other.


  17. FeistyAmazon says:

    Reblogged this on FeistyAmazon and commented:
    Another fantastic article by Big Boo Butch and how us Butch Dykes are under attack by the MTFs…born males.


  18. FeistyAmazon says:

    Thanks again for sharing BBB. These are painful times for Butch DykeAmazon Nation. It looks like we will be going back into the shadows again,like the Amazons did before when the Castrati took over the roles of the ancient Priestesses. Just like the eunuchs guarded the harem….these men are guarding us…hemming us in, containing our Wild gynocratic Female Power they will NEVER have..but like the vampires they are they feed off our energy with their false fake pale imitations of womanhood.

    We must stand strong and not concede tapping into our strong Amazon Warrior spirits as our Sister above mentioned.

    -In Butch DykeAmazon Sisterhood,


  19. Miep says:

    I cannot fairly or honestly call myself a butch dyke, but I do read as one to some extent and I have a great deal of sympathy for what you’re talking about. You women are warriors and shit is going backwards politically, it’s really horrible. ❤


  20. sellmaeth says:

    I once talked to someone about “cis privilege” and that I am of the opinion that women don’t really have it, because, let’s face it, to be considered a woman doesn’t get you many advantages.

    She objected that it’s not about, say, how much money you get paid for your job, or street harassment, but about not being misgendered on a daily basis.

    Thing is … now that I thought about it, there are lots of “cis” women who are misgendered at least until they open their mouths and talk in a soprano voice. I know at least one woman who was mistaken for a man on occasion, and she just has short hair. Meaning, she was mistaken for a man because people focus on gender presentation instead of sex.


  21. BigBooButch says:

    You are absolutely right. I am “misgendered” every single time I leave my house, simply for having short hair and wearing a baseball cap; and even when I don’t leave my house when I receive mail titled, “Mr.” almost every day. But I am not “cis.” Not in any way, shape, or form. Transgenderism is trying so desperately to disappear lesbians, not just butch dykes like me, but also your “garden variety” lesbians, if you’ll excuse the phrase. Lesbians everywhere are “misgendered” all of the time, but we still have the terms, the labels, “cis” and “TERF” shoved down our throats by straight, white men claiming to be women and the straight, white women who put men first and fight men’s battles for them. And you know what we lesbians do Not do when we are “misgendered?” We do Not freak out, we do Not contact the press and moan and groan about it, we do Not sue anyone, and we do Not threaten to assault, rape and/or kill anyone for “misgendering” us!

    Make no mistake, sister, transgenderism is homophobic and misogynistic, but it is also severely lesbophobic as transgenders and the people who support them do their best to silence and erase lesbian history and lesbians, respectively.

    Thank you for your thoughts. 🙂


  22. sellmaeth says:

    Yes … the friend of mine who was mistaken for male just was a bit surprised because she has a very obviously female body.

    And I am the “husband” in my tax documents, apparently, the main tax payer has to be male. (I’m not married, which makes me the breadwinner for my household, I suppose?) If I threw a tantrum about every time this happens (letters, spam mails, etc), I would be very busy.


  23. Reblogged this on WolfWomanoftheNorth and commented:
    “The fact that they are using the trans lifestyle to promote their misogynistic and homophobic views should wake women up and make them realize they are fighting for the extinction of their own sisters.”


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