My Coming Out

As you know, this is an anon blog where I write about women & lesbians & butches & how transgenderism is misogynistic, appropriating women’s names, language, & culture.

It’s not a very large blog, but I am pretty proud of what I have written thus far.

Somehow, a semi-famous, narcissistic, abusive woman found out who I was. I believe an old & now ex friend told her at MichFest. She actually told quite a few women over the few years that I have been writing, so I was not going to be able to be anon forever.

I believe that some women really seemed to like my blog & she knew who this secret blogger was so it made her feel important to tell people.

I know of at least 2 people she told at MichFest & she met this woman irl there, so what better way to feel important to a semi-famous person than to tell her this big secret?

I digress….. this woman & I got into an argument the other day – she accused me of being abusive, but the actual truth is that she gave as good as she got. It was mutually scathing.

During the course of this argument, she tried to out me by dropping my blog name right there on a public page. Fortunately, I help admin that page (still do, though she tried to get the other admin to remove me), so I was able to delete her comment. But I now had this hanging over my head – a way to silence me for fear that she would drop the bomb again if she got pissed at me again, during another argument. And next time, I might not be able to delete it bc it might not be on my page.

So, after a lot of thinking, I decided that, instead of being silenced by the likes of this narcissist, I think I will just come out myself & tell everyone who I am. As long as she knows & I have this hanging over my head, I have no power or balance, you feel me?

So I want to take back my power & take it away from her by outing myself before she does. Being backed into a corner like this & having to out myself is not ideal, but it’s better than being in fear that she will out me on a whim.

So, ok….. thanks for listening, sisters 💚 …. whew, here goes….

I am also known as Parker Wolf.