Targeted By Misogynists

I guess it was just a matter of time. I was targeted by a hate group who, ironically, decided my Facebook page was a “TERF hate page.”



Forget the fact that I have publicly stated more than once that I am not a radfem.

Forget the fact that I have publicly denounced male violence of -any- kind, including male violence perpetrated by or against transgenders.

Forget the fact that I have stated publicly that transgenders should be protected from discrimination, i.e., protected from being fired, evicted, violence, etc.

Forget ALL of that because I write about how this patriarchal society should abolish gender and the accompanying gender stereotypes so that women and men and girls and boys could be and dress however they want without having to say they are the opposite sex because that, the sex part, is immutable. One can never change their sex.

So, because I write about that and because I write about male violence, I am erroneously labeled both a “TERF” and a hate site, even though the only posts I currently have on my Facebook page are links to my blog posts here; AND I am labeled as such by an actual hate site that promotes hatred and violence against women.

Make no mistake. “TERF” is a slur and the only people who use it are bigots, i.e., people who hate women and wish to silence us at all costs, including using a slur against us.

This thinly veiled threat did not go unnoticed by me, dear reader and it should not go unnoticed by you either. Because these hate filled people are going after every woman with a voice, every woman with an opinion that does not mimic the trans narrative; and they do this to silence us.

I may have been gone from my blog for a few months, but I will not be silenced. Not by misogynistic men who think following my Facebook page and blog will scare me into keeping quiet. 

Bring it, bigots.

I have been dealing with your kind for a couple of decades now and you do not scare me.

23 comments on “Targeted By Misogynists

  1. Nicky says:

    They keep this up, more and more people are going to find out how delusional the trans community is and how fast people are going to turn on them.


  2. graceaware says:

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  3. stchauvinism says:

    Reblogged this on Stop Trans Chauvinism.


  4. monocles1 . says:

    Hey Big Boo – I tried to post my note to your page but the message that came back to me said that this site – trying to connect to facebook was unreliable, or that someone was impersonating your site. Anyway, here’s the note I wrote you. Be safe sister.

    Big Boo, you are a strong, sane, uncompromising, Lesbian-Feminist, womyn-loving voice out here in this wild, commerce-driven, often BS driven, often misogynist internet. Your essays often bring me comfort – break my isolation, reminding me that my partner and I are not the only ones out here. You just keep on keepin’ on sister. You got friends in Norcal and we got your back. Tawanda! Woo Woo! peace – Ashe Womynborn


  5. BigBooButch says:

    Thank you sister 🙂

    I don’t know what happened with my Facebook page and you not being able to post there. I hate to sound paranoid, but maybe Facebook is keeping people from commenting on my page. It is safer to post here anyway; there is not a male transgender working in the higher offices trying to silence women here. At least, as far as I know ….. But on Facebook, they are there and they are vocal about silencing women who disagree with the trans narrative. I have a friend there who even has her PMs monitored. It’s creepy. 😦


  6. BigBooButch says:

    Yes, the more of us they target the more their crazy becomes visible; and hopefully, the more women will wake up to their shenanigans! 😉


  7. woofmew says:

    i am sorry that you are being targeted! but glad you are staying put! i was missing your blogs!


  8. Miep says:

    Actually that Twitter transgender Dana McCullom or whatever his name is, managed to mess up GenderTrender when Gallus posted about him, and she’s had her page messed with before. So WP is not entirely free of this problem, though FB certainly seems to be worse.

    Question, should you care to answer. What is it about radical feminism that you don’t identify with? You write very much like a radical feminist, you just don’t write like a lesbian separatist. Far be it from me to label people, I’m just curious.


  9. Miep says:

    McCallum, correction.


  10. Kitty Barber says:

    Thank you for this, we all need to keep pointing out that men pretending to be women is a form of mental illness that should be treated as such. I wonder sometimes if the whole world has lost its collective mind, though. Eventually, it’ll come around. I’m a believer. Thanks again.


  11. BigBooButch says:

    I don’t agree with all that radical feminists believe. Some of the more extreme ideas are just a bit too extreme for me. I don’t think it would be right to call myself a radfem if I don’t agree with or believe everything that radfems stand for in their politics. 🙂


  12. BigBooButch says:

    I am a believer as well. I believe that one day, enough people will wake up from their trans coma and realize that (a) these men are suffering from a mental illness or (b) these men are just men with a fetish and that does not equate to being women. I see women hitting peak trans every day and I hope to see more and more opening up their eyes. Thanks for your comment. 🙂


  13. Miep says:

    Fair enough. I don’t see radical feminism as being uniformly defined, there are clearly some big differences of opinion, so I wondered what you were not liking. No need for labels though, carry on 🙂

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  14. Me says:

    I’m not a radfem, either, or even a lesbian. I suppose I would be called a gender critical feminist and have been since the 70s. I’m with you 100% here and you’re right on the money with this post.

    I suppose the more militant members of the trans community are running scared – they’re afraid that any reasoned critical response to their agenda will expose it for the house of cards it truly is. So they respond with attempts to censor, projection, bullying, and general gaslighting in order to confuse the general public. If they were truly confident with their philosophies, they would say “bring it on” to any critical responses, instead of trying to shut down any sort of dissent.


  15. BigBooButch says:

    That’s actually what I call myself as well: a gender critical feminist. Gmta 😉


  16. Nicky says:

    It’s why I am not a Radfem. I’m an Intersex/DSD person who is Gender critical


  17. BigBooButch, this off-topic (although your post was RIGHT ON) because I want to be in touch with you. I’ll leave me e-dress here: anna_macdougal AT hushmail DOT com. Holla back, please?


  18. BigBooButch says:

    Hey Anna,

    I can always be reached at or via my Facebook: 🙂


  19. I’m glad to “meet” you, thanks for replying.

    I am a newly self-published writer. My first piece of short fiction is out now, and it’s an erotic romance in the butch-femme style. I was wondering if you would read it and maybe give me your thoughts? You write so well, I assume you would recognize good writing if you saw it, and I want to know if my story is worth reading. For that, I need feedback. I can send it to you as a pdf. It’s 12000 words, a long short story, really. Let me know if you’d be willing. Thanks in advance, ~anna macdougal (real, live femme, by the way)


  20. BigBooButch says:

    I have been thinking about this for a few days, Anna, and I do not think I would feel comfy critiquing another woman’s writing. I am just a sometime blogger, not an editor or publisher. I would be happy to buy it when it comes out and leave a review, if that would help. 🙂


  21. Okey, dokey. It’s here. There’s a print version and one for Kindle. I hope you check it out. Just one femme trying to make a living and adding to the butch-femme conversation. Thanks a million.


  22. BigBooButch says:

    Thank you! I will buy it and give it a good read. I love butch-femme fiction. 🙂


  23. BigBooButch says:

    I forgot to come back here and tell you that I read it after the holidays. I am afraid I cannot leave a review because that would require using my real name, so I thought I would come back here and let you know that I read it and enjoyed it. I also noticed that at least one person saw us talking about the book and she read it as well. I even saw her posting about it in a couple of groups, recommending it. So good for you for writing and publishing a great piece of erotica, I hope more people get the opportunity to read it. I thought it was well written with good transitions and well described erotica; I also liked the ending, I thought it was cute. Thanks for pointing me in the direction of your book, I am glad that I read it. 🙂


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