My Line In The Sand

I was reading a thread in a Michfest Facebook group the other day when I saw a woman shame and scold a friend of mine for calling a trans woman a man. This woman said she understood the anger, but not the hate of calling trans women men. In other words, she was trying to shame my friend, another woman, into silence, which is a tactic men have been using for years, especially the men who call themselves women and trans “activists.” They use shaming techniques to trick liberal feminists into siding with them and they save most of their violence for the rest of us, those of us who see past their delusions and to the reality of it all.

But I understood where my friend was coming from: it wasn’t rage or hatred or even anger, it was truth. That was her line in the sand and so it is mine as well. My line in the sand is biology. If I may geek out on your for a moment, dear reader, as Captain Picard said when he was speaking of the Borg invading their space, he said each time the Borg advance, we fall back and fall back and fall back. “Not again,” he said. “The line must be drawn here. This far. No farther.” That’s how I feel about these men who call themselves women, these men who, to fulfill their fetishistic desires, take “woman” as they see her through their male privileged, sexist, misogynistic eyes and they emulate her while declaring they are a better woman than most of us who were born females in this male dominated society.

They want us to use female pronouns. They want us to redefine woman so they can be called a woman in every instance, not trans women, but women. They want our spaces, our bathrooms, our dressing rooms. They want to be housed with women in jails when they commit acts of violence against, you guessed it, women, so they can further their abuse. They don’t want a compromise, they want total domination. They want a total submission. They want nothing less than total surrender.

I feel the same way about the women who call themselves men or the butches who simply need to be considered male while still claiming to be butches, using male pronouns, etc. They don’t want a compromise any more than the men do. They want it all. They demand they be seen the way they want to be seen and not based on any kind of reality or truth in this or any other universe. To this, I say, “No!”

Like my friend in that Michfest Facebook group, I draw my line here, at biology. The trans “women” were born male and no matter how many surgeries they have or how many hormones they take, if they even have or take any, which a lot do not, they are and always will be male. The women who call themselves men are the same: they were born female and no amount of hormones or surgeries will ever change that. Ever. Their biology will always remain the same. Males born males will always be males and females born females will always be females. These are immutable facts. I have put up with the shenanigans of transgenders for so long now, with the hate, the trolling, and the violent threats that my line in the sand is drawn here and I will not move back any farther. I will not concede an inch!

My line in the sand isn’t built on anger, rage, or hate. My line in the sand is built on biology. Biology and reality will win out over delusion and narcissism. Biology is the truth and eventually, when more and more women see the violence, see the narcissism, see the demands for not just a few but ALL of our spaces, these women will also rise up and say, “No more!”

I can feel that time coming. Can you?




39 comments on “My Line In The Sand

  1. redhester says:

    i stand with you. with you, with my sisters. (hug)


  2. Mary Sunshine says:

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    My line in the sand. Reality. Honesty. Female self respect. Our biology matters, our lives matter.


  3. Mary Sunshine says:

    Yup. I feel it coming. It’s coming together, fast.


  4. morag99 says:

    Thank you for this. I do hope that time is coming. Goodness knows trans hate their female allies as much as they hate us, but they have to wait it out, because their female allies are still useful.

    Our line in the sand may be built on biological reality and not on “anger, rage, or hate.” But, when these people have their boots on our necks and are demanding nothing less than our total surrender and submission, is it such a surprise that we also feel anger, rage and hate? These are perfectly normal human responses to oppression. Injustice makes us angry, it makes us rage. We hate injustice. Women are not saints with an endless supply of patience or compassion for our declared enemies.


  5. BigBooButch says:

    Thank you, sister 🙂


  6. BigBooButch says:

    I love it!


  7. BigBooButch says:

    “Women are not saints with an endless supply of patience or compassion for our declared enemies.”

    Just another sexual stereotype that transgenders translate into gender stereotypes.


  8. I can feel that time as well. I’m tired of fucking around and playing nice and pretending. I’m tired of disingenuity and false equivalences. I’m really fucking sick of hearing femaleness touted as a feeling in a man’s head, and I’m not putting up with the claim that our bodies don’t matter. Being female is the best and most important thing about me and could NEVER be fathomed by a male.


  9. BigBooButch says:

    I am right there with you, sister.


  10. oopster74 says:

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    And are you willing to change your mind if and when science gives a biological reason for trans people, and not just “theories” based on bad research.


  11. kfb3 says:

    beautifully said, with just the perfect amount of geekiness! 😉 ❤


  12. Amen! And yes, I’m right there with you, I feel the time coming.


  13. BigBooButch says:

    Wont happen. There are 2 sexes and only 2. They are immutable. Gender is a social construct that was created by the patriarchy and it isn’t reality.


  14. BigBooButch says:

    Thank you 🙂


  15. oopster74 says:

    But if it did happen, however unlikely it might seem to you right now, then would you change your mind?


  16. This ship has sailed…right there with you, big Boo.


  17. BigBooButch says:

    It. Will. Never. Happen.

    Now go troll someone else’s blog.


  18. I commented on an article about a tv show where a girl identifies as male and wants to use their bathroom:

    Mixelle Garcia ·
    Why would a girl want to use a disgusting boys bathroom???

    Troy Allen Engstrom ·
    I’ve been to some girls bathrooms, they aren’t much better. And a lot of my girl friends tell me that girls are about just as disgusting when it comes to leaving a public bathroom clean. Tampon and tampex sometimes all over the place. Don’t point fingers, baby.. 😉
    Reply · Like · May 10 at 9:58am

    Julie-Anne Driver ·
    This is not a girl. This is a boy who wants to use the right bathroom.
    Reply · Like · 5 · May 10 at 7:05pm

    [I mentions the movie Boy Don’t Cry, and my comment was deleted]

    Julie-Anne Driver ·
    Yes, I’ve seen that movie. And it was tragic beyond words. But this is a transman, not a transwoman, and thus belongs in the mens’ room. Think about it: By telling him he should keep using the womens’ room, you’re invalidating his identity as a man.
    Reply · Like · May 11 at 10:24am

    Dorina C Albion ·
    A reminder, she is a transgendered male. So, he wants to be treated like a male and use a male’s washroom. He feels a lot more comfortable as a boy, this is where people fall down as acceptance — Sam is a transgendered boy.


  19. BigBooButch says:

    It’s so easy to sit behind a keyboard and make judgments when it doesn’t affect you, but when a man wants to use their ladies bathroom and says he is a woman, they will be hit with the reality of a man in their private space. I know this because I am not a man, but I appear at first glance to be one and women who see me in the bathroom are afraid and sometimes confrontational about my being there. Yes, sitting there far away from the reality of it, it’s easy to champion who you think is the wronged party, the oppressed. But faced with reality, things and people will change their minds.


  20. BigBooButch says:

    One more thing before you go: I saw a woman today make a comment that addresses this quite nicely. She said (I am paraphrasing) that as an archaeologist, 1000 years from now, she can look at your bones and tell a lot about your life, but one thing she knows for sure is that she would be able to tell your sex, not your gender. Science doesn’t lie and trying to trick the ignorant (i.e., libfems) in order to get them to believe or reinforce your own delusions isn’t going to change the science that biology is real. Females born females will stay females and males born males will stay males.


  21. Transwomen are biologically male. Absolutely, no question, this needs to be discussed, especially among transwomen.

    However, they also live in a society where gender is considered to be real, is rigidly enforced, and deviants are punished. Pointing it out to someone on the internet or in a place like Portland / San Fran is harmless, but aren’t there other situations where it would actually be hateful/vengeful? Like say, rural Georgia / any southern USA place? Is outing transwomen to violent male rednecks the way to fight patriarchy, or the way to make them martyrs?


  22. Kobi KapeKod says:

    “First they steal the words. Then they steal the meaning.” From “1984” by Orwell.

    Several of us have been banned from posting on some supposedly feminist FB pages cuz we address the trans issue in a straight forward way.

    I wish I could say I feel a change coming. But, what I feel and see are women, especially so called feminists, who have so internalized the messages of the patriarchy that they are going out of their way to shame and silence women, especially radical feminists, from speaking to the trans issue.

    They are doing what women are taught from birth….protect your men, particularly from other women. And, that protection extends to males who believe they are female and females who believe they are male.

    Shaming one can deal with as long as we are not prohibited from even speaking.

    I do not believe people and things change when faced with reality. People are notorious, and studies have proven, that when faced with facts, people tend to cling to their misconceptions rather than change them. It is a bizarre human reality.


  23. BadDyke says:

    “And are you willing to change your mind if and when science gives a biological reason for trans people….”
    There MAY be a reason, but whatever that reason is, it will NEVER be that a male with a ‘female’ brain is really female. Because hypothetical ‘brain sex’ aside, someone without being raised as a female and having female reproductive biology cannot claim sisterhood with born bred and bodied females.

    So, is this troll also willing to concede that IF science discovered that trans people have some sort of biological disposition to develop a severe disconnect between their ‘male’ brains and their male bodies, and hence the delusion that they are really, or should have been female — will this troll then also be willing to change their mind and drop their claim that trans males actually ARE female? I doubt it, because science and education only gets used as a club when disagreeing with US.


  24. BigBooButch says:

    No, reinforcing gender, anywhere, is wrong. Gender is hurtful to WOMEN.


  25. BigBooButch says:

    Really? I think if these “feminists” who are so rigidly ensconced into the patriarchy were faced with a man in a dress heading into their bathroom, they would be afraid and might even say something, if not to him then to security.


  26. morag99 says:

    Yes. In fact, we might even just say that gender IS women.

    That’s what gender is for: to separate the default humans (men) from the others. I’m really sick to death of the “binary” talk amongst genderists, as if gender were equivocal for men and women.

    Boys and men may find their sex-role tiresome and limiting in some ways, true. They may find male supremacy a burden, or a real drag. They may even be afraid of other men because they don’t measure up and they are lower in the hierarchy. But they are not daily victimized by gender, since birth, the way women are. Men who fail to make ideal male supremacists–sometimes called “nice guys”–can still lord over one or more girls and women. Sometimes, with a vengeance.

    Gender hurts women, and any intermittent discomfort or pain gender causes to men is just a side-effect, or off-shoot, of how gender is designed to subjugate females.


  27. huffysnappy says:

    Agree with you about the location of the line in the sand, and how important it is for the healing and eventual liberation of women.
    Also, IMO, Best of Both Worlds is like the best – or equal best – Trek episode EVAAAAH.
    Patrick Stewart could always imbue even the most formulaic lines with character and intent, but they really gave him something to work with in BOBW, and he is magnificent in that episode.


  28. BigBooButch says:

    I kinda want to watch the movies on DVD and the series on Netflix now. LOL


  29. Brilliant-thank you.


  30. KittyBarber says:

    The line has been drawn and it doesn’t make any difference at all. The Michfest liberals talk about the ‘intention,’ as if it were code for the truth of the matter, as if we are afraid of even using the word “men,” to say who these humans are.

    Until we are all willing to say what we mean–to say loudly and clearly that we are women, THEY are men, and WE will decide who comes to our party, we haven’t got a chance.

    You can dress it all up with love and peace and flowers and goddesses and all of that crap that is Newage (rhymes with sewage) and in the end you’ll be left holding a bag of crap, stinky and disgusting.

    We are told to bring our love to the discussion, to being our ‘best selves’ to the debate. But for me it is not now and never has been a debatable issue. And I have no love for men in general, or for ‘trans women’ in particular. None.

    To every man in a dress, every creep with a fetish, and every woman who supports them, I say at the very LEAST–stay the hell away from me, and this music festival. And then go fuck yourselves. Or each other. Enjoy. You can’t fool us all.


  31. Miep says:

    Funny how DNA matters and is generally taken seriously by otherwise intelligent liberals except when it comes to gender.


  32. BigBooButch says:

    It’s an inconvenient truth.


  33. Me says:

    This is my line in the sand as well. I won’t buy their Orwellian doublethink or their gaslighting. Biology counts. I have a sex and I have a personality, not a “gender” or a “gender identity” or a “Gender presentation”. I am a woman, a female human being, which is all determined by biology, not “feelings”. Feelings aren’t facts, but biology sure is. Keep up the good work. 🙂


  34. BigBooButch says:

    Right on! 🙂


  35. […] My Line In The Sand. […]


  36. FeistyAmazon says:

    More and more Dykes amd Butches are waking up to this and I love the Picard analogy…you could call him a Borg detransitioner!! And mine is the same line! We have had our Dyke culture and Butch identities coopted and assimilated by the Borg like trans communities. NO MORE!!!
    -Butch DykeAmazon Sister in the Struggle,


  37. FeistyAmazon says:

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    Same here! Cannot emphasize this Line enough!!!


  38. Black Metal Valkyrie says:

    Reblogged this on Black Metal Valkyrie-question male-identified bullshit and commented:
    They want us to use female pronouns. They want us to redefine woman so they can be called a woman in every instance, not trans women, but women. They want our spaces, our bathrooms, our dressing rooms. They want to be housed with women in jails when they commit acts of violence against, you guessed it, women, so they can further their abuse. They don’t want a compromise, they want total domination. They want a total submission. They want nothing less than total surrender.


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